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You have vision and heart. You have a process that works and clients that are happy. Now, you are ready to breakthrough, beyond your cozy niche and into building something world-class that allows you to offer your work, teachings and services to a mass audience!

That’s where we come in.


The Maven Agency

The Maven Agency offers elite business strategy, program development and brand asset creation for CEOs, Consultants, Authors, Coaches, Speakers, Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders.

Based on the pillars of creating work that is relatable, relevant and resonant, we help make your knowledge broadly marketable.

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The Maven Way

You’ve amassed a lifetime of lived experience and knowledge-building. Now, you are ready to teach and lead from that knowledge, in order to help ease the way for others and shift the status quo for the betterment of all.

You can see yourself becoming widely known…though you first need to establish that concrete and unique brand that you become known for! An innovative process, a proven program, a stand-out brand, or a unique methodology.

That’s where the Maven Agency comes in.

In our world, MAVEN stands for the “Movement of Authentic Visionaries Empowering New Thought.” We help you package and position your knowledge into something that moves others to engage and take action. We’re experts in transforming innovative insights into memorable, marketable messages and teachable methodologies.

Let us help you…


Strategically create innovative, marketable messages and programs/services from your information, ideas and insights.


Craft unique branding that ensures you stand out from the pack and achieve resonance with your audience.


Gain traction with your message and services using proven marketing strategies, business structures and innovative solutions.


Succeed long term with a powerful masterplan that helps you fulfill your big-picture vision for impact and income.

The Maven Team

Headed by “The Message Maven” and 20-year communication veteran, Joscelyn Duffy, The Maven Agency team and partners are a heart-centered group of global game-changers with undeniable talent in their fields of expertise.

As a close group of strategic, creative collaborators, we are dedicated to helping you masterfully deliver your world-changing ideas.

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How We Support

Around here, we know that the best “PR” is made up of “Passion” and “Resonance”— the passion you get from shaping years of lived experience into teachings you can get excited about sharing, and the resonance that comes from creating something that your audience can deeply relate to.

Whether you think so or not, you already have a sense of what you want to become known for and the audience you serve best. You just need a helping hand to hone and package that brilliance into something that is both memorable and marketable, to build the sustainable brand that delivers the impact and income you envision.

Get ready to transform a lifetime of lived experience into a thought leadership platform that inspires others for years to come!

Guided by her intuition, Joscelyn has a beautiful way of tuning into the heart’s desires of those she writes for and transforming often unspoken sentiments into words. For many, writing (a book) is a crucial element to fulfilling soul purpose and sharing soul lessons, and Joscelyn honors this process. I willingly refer my clients and close friends to her, knowing she can assist in writing their stories just as they envision.

Sonia Choquette (Hay House)NY Times Best-Selling Author & World-Renowned Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher

Having obtained a Ph.D. from a highly ranked UK University, I have studied and worked with many who are regarded as intelligent. However, in working with Joscelyn Duffy, I was regularly offered a timely level of insight, inspiration and wisdom that is unmatched. Her ability to understand and reframe concepts and ideas, combined with her knack for just listening were noteworthy traits. In the end, I not only got a world-class website, brand and book in my time working with Joscelyn, I also got the connections and the confidence required to move it all forward. The decision to work with Joscelyn was one of the best business decisions I have ever made.

Rob GrahamFounder,

For over a year, we were trying to cobble together bits and pieces to convey our message, attempting to do it all ourselves. A logo here and some copy there resulted in a clunky website that left people with more questions than answers. We were wasting our time and money. When we met Joscelyn and her team, they listened to us and magically turned our message into a cohesive package that we love inviting our clients to. We're all about aligning the body and mind, yet it took Joscelyn to align our message. She and her team were a joy to work with and at a couple of milestones, we were even ahead of schedule. So far, the feedback from our students and clients has been extremely positive and they are excitedly sharing with others.

Sheryl Gill & Dana Monette,Founders, The Align’d Approach

Joscelyn is a master of her craft and an absolute joy to work with. She brings out not only the best in peoples’ ideas and writing but, more importantly, the best in people. As an author and former publishing company owner, I have worked with a number of people in the industry and can say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Joscelyn is the best person I have ever worked with. Helpful, insightful and inspiring, she has a knack for being able to capture all those thoughts in my head and make them clear and concise. Give her your ideas and she’ll transform them into something your audience not only can understand, but also enjoy and be impacted by.

Corey SigvaldasonPresident, Grandesco College & Founder, HOP Leadership Program

Working with Joscelyn was like having someone throw me a lifeline and pull me into a pool of clarity around my work. I have struggled with being all over the place in my offerings. She has an amazing talent of being able to see the uniting thread in all my work and helping me to pull it into a nice neat package. I am deeply appreciative of her great talent and I plan to consult her on an ongoing basis as my company grows and evolves in the years to come.

Helen RiesCEO, Great River Consulting & Co-Founder, The Sibling Collaborative

Our Services Include

Together, we will strategically organize your ideas, information and insights into a world-class brand – something that is distinctive, innovative, memorable, marketable, teachable and timeless!

Whether you’re initiating a new program, taking on a complete rebrand or opening up the next level of your business, we’ve got your covered:

Brand & Business Building

Stand out from the crowd and clearly communicate your unique value through a powerful brand or rebrand.

  • Co-create a business strategy to maximize long-term impact, contribution and profitability

  • Co-develop, expand upon or hone your world-changing thought leadership ideas

  • Design a captivating brand – from your logo and website, to every piece of marketing collateral.

  • Shape unique, relatable, stand-out-from-the-crowd website copy & design

  • Develop teachable, marketing principles and a proprietary process (methodology) that fuels a global brand

Content Creation

Create your legacy by leaving an unforgettable impression on your audience.

  • Have your legacy books ghostwritten or enlist our book coaching/consulting services

  • Outline unforgettable talks and interviews

  • Design stunning brochures to showcase your signature programs or services

  • Strategically and creatively outline your program or eCourse

  • Write and design a powerful product brochure, booklet or ebook

  • Reshape, refresh & renew your slide/sales deck

Reach out today to work with the world-class branding & content development team at The Maven Agency.

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