When we met Dr. Rob Graham, he was looking for his next step after having taught over 10,000 students at the university level. As the founder of Techno-Resiliency, he had a host of knowledge to share and we helped open his eyes to his potential in the world of thought leadership.

With the vision of building a platform to help Dr. Rob become world-renowned, we took his academic teachings and translated them into marketable, relatable principles and processes for his new mass, corporate audience. We developed a world-class thought leadership brand around the key message of a “Mandate to Be Great,” which gained immediate traction. To fully create his innovative brand, we:

  • Strategically planned out Dr. Rob’s business model, service offerings and customer journey.
  • Worked together to translate and hone all of his concepts into clear, marketable messages, including his “5 Traits of Techno-Resilient People & Organization,” which became the foundation for his book, talks and corporate training.
  • Developed a visually-captivating brand that portrayed the quality and impact of Dr. Rob’s stamp in the world.
  • Mentored the content creation process and co-authored the world-class book, Mandate to Be Great, to use as the catalyst for building his brand on a big scale.

Website Development

Branding + Brochure + Book


In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, organizational and institutional leaders find themselves navigating a wholly new world—rethinking structures, facing significant financial challenges, and attempting to empower emotionally depleted workplaces. All this while trying to maintain or enhance productivity with a distanced workforce and greater numbers of employees working from home than ever before. Being thrust into operating a technology-driven workplace can expose inequities like lack of training, know-how and resources, leading to rapid overwhelm. While challenging, this shift can also be one that strengthens our learning and collaborative environments. How is it some leaders are able to overcome inequities, personally and professionally, while managing to be productive and contributing members of their workplace and society? The answer lies in their ability to be Techno-Resilient.

Whether you trying to figure out how to do more with less, seeking a competitive edge or looking to create a more adaptive workplace, this book is the leader’s guide to building Techno-Resilient teams, today and tomorrow. It is for those who have or aspire to have a professional imperative for greatness, no matter the challenges, shifts, or ‘lack of’s’ they are currently facing. Mandate to Be Great delivers the research-based strategies required to thrive: from sourcing cost-effective solutions and creating sustainable breakthroughs for every perceived barrier, to shaping a psychologically-responsive working environment and uncovering new efficiencies. It will rekindle your determination to do and be better, and propel you toward creating a truly Techno-Resilient and Techno-Efficient organization.


“Having obtained a Ph.D. from a highly ranked UK University, I have studied and worked with many who are regarded as intelligent. However, in working with Joscelyn Duffy, I was regularly offered a timely level of insight, inspiration and wisdom that is unmatched. Her ability to understand and reframe concepts and ideas, combined with her knack for just listening were noteworthy traits. In the end, I not only got a world-class website, brand and book in my time working with Joscelyn, I also got the connections and the confidence required to move it all forward. The decision to work with Joscelyn was one of the best business decisions I have ever made.”

From his initial outreach, Dr. Rob Graham’s work immediately gained interest inside both the corporate and academic community. Esteemed university professors asked to use his forthcoming book as an academic textbook and he has landed interviews on a host of shows, all of which led into consultancy opportunities.