After becoming globally renowned and seeing record success in the B2C market, Brendon Burchard and his team wanted to extend their success into the B2B market with their new High Performance Institute (HPI) program.

Given that this market was new to them, the team wanted to ensure that their HPI brand assets were built in a way that captivated their corporate audience and built a brand that would serve them for years to come. Through group calls with Brendon’s team members, we presented them with new design, messaging & an HPI model:

  • A sales (slide) deck was developed to captivate both prospective corporate clients and investors.

  • Sales flyers and HPI member flyers were written and design, in accordance with the HPI brand.

  • An easy-to-understand, clear visual model was developed to showcase the unique High Performance Habits process, built on Brendon’s research.

Slide Deck

Brand Assets

Brendon and his team loved their new brand assets and they returned to develop further assets to support rapidly growing interest in the HPI corporate offering.